Definately a FIVE STAR SEMINAR!!! Lots of hight quality and usable "take aways".

- Participant, University of Alaska, Anchorage

​"I can't believe how much better my memory recall is after only a 1-day's AMAZING!!!"
-Participant, Arizona State University

"If you could just "bottle" this 3-day intensive training I'd invest in you and retire a millionaire tomorrow! I've never felt better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you! 
- Participant, West Palm Beach, Florida

​​​​"Loved the workshop - felt as one unit."
- Participant, Yavapai Apache Nation

"I'll be sharing my learned knowledge with my co-workers and hope others will want to continue to get together to continue our 'new way of thinking' after you're gone."
- Participant, Yakama Nation

"I love your "DREAM CATCHING" relaxation really works!"
- Participant, Desert Winds Counseling

"There is such a huge need for your Seminars and Training throughout all Nations worldwide, not only for stress reduction and teambuilding, but for personal and planetary healing and balance as well." 
- Participant, Yakama Nation


Eagle Vision and it's consultants have been gifted with the opportunity to carry training, seminars, and workshops throughout our wonderful world. We'd like to take a moment to share some of the comments and feedback we've received as a result of our life's work in assisting with individual, family, community and planetary healing....

"​​Your Passion IS Our Passion"

Eagle Vision Consulting

"I'll have to admit, I was skeptical about about the relationship between making oneself ill and healing oneself. I'm not now!"
- Participant, Britsh Columbia, Canada

"I practiced on my dog last night and he hasn't limped since I 'worked' on him. I can't believe it, we've tried everything!"
- Participant, Denver, Colorado

"I can't believe how simple, effective and easy the techniques were. It's like "Personal Empowerment for Dummies!" A real "no-brainer!"
 - Participant, Ak-Chin Indian Community

"The positive energy and growth which occurred in a short three-day period was REMARKABLE!"
- Participant, Youth Probation State of Arizona  

"I wish everyone in the community had the benefit of our training this week...should have been open to more personnel...we have 500 plus employees." 
- Participant, Yakama Nation.